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10 Things I think... Black Panther Edition (no spoilers)

1. Ain't no HOTEPS in Wakanda!!! First of all, I'm sure the patchouli oil would be off putting. And second, misogyny has no place. We run that thang!

2. Michael B. Jordan is a gift from God. Here's the thing. I like him, but I refuse to slide in his DMs, @ him or anything else. It'd be just me luck that he's a ____ boy. You know how on Harlem Nights, Della Reese's character said she had her mouth all set for some hash, but then there was none? Well, that's what I don't want.

3. There was no out of shape people in Wakanda. I'm offended and challenged to go to the gym.

4. The senior citizen next to me came in with a baggy coat, so I knew what time it was. She pulled out an eight-count grilled nugget. So, I just knew because she was an old school Christian and she was gonna be kind and bless me with one. She had the nerve too not offer me one and then ask me for a napkin. So...

5. We're in this movie about Black unity, I offer her a napkin think I was securing a nugget. She looked me in my eyes and ate the last one. Heartless wench I thought to myself. SO I decided to test her...

6. I had a pocket stuffer of my own. I just so happened to be a bottle of D'usse. I looked her in her eyes and poured my D'usse in the kid's sprite cup I purchased. I looked at her in the language of the ancestors (I wish you would snitch).

7. I made up in my mind if she snitched I was gonna snitch too. We're both getting put out tonight. And when we do, I'm not helping you down the escalator.

8. I feel like they should've had seasoning salt out instead that white iodized mess. A soul food menu would've also been appreciated. That way, Earlene wouldn't have had to sneak in those nuggets.

9. Baby. These folks came out in dashikis of every shade and I loved every minute.

10. This movie made me think, made me hurt, made me consider my own issues with connecting with the motherland. I felt pride, connectedness and Black excellence. I felt at home in Wakanda. Truthfully, America doesn't welcome me and I feel often like a step child when trying to connect with African (country-specific) heritage. Wakanda seems to bridge that gap for me. WAKANDA FOREVER.

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