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10 Things I Think... Day 5 of Social Distancing

This is a real struggle for an extrovert like me. BUT. I want folks to live and I want to partake in the living myself. It's been a struggle as you know from the previous blog. Since fine, delicious, amazing, tantalizing Idris caught the "Rona", I've been serious about sitting in this house.

1. I decided I need counseling because I don't know how to fight fair with myself. Like how is it that I'm throwing low blows and then feeling the pain when they land?

2. Y'all been getting on my nerves with all this talk. Literally. Everyone is a national security or pandemic expert. Sit down somewhere. Go braid your hair. Wash your floorboards. I don't care what you do, but stop creating narratives. I heard someone say, this was a ploy to wipe out Black folk. Listen, when y'all come up with this can they at least benefit folks? Like "this is a ploy to finally get Black people reparations" or "food stamps for all". I'm just saying if you can imagine it all being bad, you can imagine something good coming out of this too. Maybe the department of ed employees will go rogue and erase my debt.

3. Bailey's my coffee, please. If we have to have zoom meetings and whatnot, I'm gonna be relaxed. "Ashley, what do you think?" Me: "yes". Stop playing with me, you know I'm not engaged. What is this pop quiz time?

4. All remote work is not created the same. I messed around and took an accidental nap at 11:49 am yesterday. I woke up at 2 pm and immediately responded to emails.

5. I'm concerned about weight gain. When I went grocery shopping I saw parents buying a galore of snacks. Because they clearly know how to keep humans alive, I figured I needed some snacks, too. Now, I'm looking at donuts, cookies, cereal and all the things that make my thighs hate me. I'm about to have to do some youtube workouts.

6. I am not wearing pants ever again. They really are quite restrictive.

7. It's lunch break all day. And I get upset when folks try to schedule meetings. God knew I needed this rest, why would you be the devil's advocate and try to actually work? Get the hell on- literally.

8. I keep yelling "we got *insert whatever dish* at home. We are not eating out". The crazy part is... I'm talking to myself. I have bought an absurd amount of groceries and then had the nerve to want a popeyes chicken sandwich. I wish you would, Ashley! You better go in there and play "I work at popeyes" and stop playing with the budget.

9. It's like all of America took a break except these damn bills. Give me a break on that, Sprint. Since you think you know everything. Now that you got your college degree.

10. On a serious note, social distancing may feel like a punishment, but it's important. I don't want to be a symptomless carrier and then potentially spread it to someone whose immune system is impaired. This is bigger than us and our need to move when we want. This is the forced rest we say we're gonna take as our vacation hours pile up. And for some people, this is no break at all. Healthcare, first responders and others are actually working overtime trying to manage this. If for no other reason than trying to give them a break, I'll be in the house.

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