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10 Things I think... My first HU homecoming experience


So… let me just start off by saying I went to Saint Louis University for undergrad. And to kickoff homecoming weekend we had… a soccer game. In other words, for most Black people there was no homecoming. Now at HU, I wanted to explore the fullness of homecoming. A real homecoming. You know with a football game and Black people, being Black. So here it is…

1. Be that person that reps where you are from. Dude said one thing about STL and I went bonkers. Guarantee you I was the only person in the crowd from the crib. IDC. Always reppin’

2. Do not compare it to your PWI experience. I’m still struggling with this one. (See above opening statement). I mean, they had me at burnt hotdogs. From now on I’m not coming to your homecoming or event unless your burn hotdogs. Grilling them is rooted in supremacy.

3. Expect a legit concert. Like summer jam only in Fall. I saw Faith Evans, Common and Diddy’s kids just to name a few. 

4. School spirit. I didn’t even know what that was till I got here. Seeing all the HU gear from vintage cardigans to hats and the cutest baby clothes God ever did make.

5. This is a lifelong thing. I saw so many different generations of Black people celebrating HU. Never seen such Black pride in my life, besides that time we took over highway 44 in 2014. Hearing “We gone be alright “ while surrounded by Black people was all love. 

6. We can be in mass numbers and chill. There was at least 8,308,596 people at  the tailgate. Crowd was so thick you could barely move. All of a sudden the wobble come on and the entire crowd erupts into dancing. I was so mad when White people learned how to do the wobble. Dang. 

7. Black Greek pride. Never seen so many crimson jackets, ivies, gold boots, digging and chants in my life. Not only was it homecoming, it was like everyone was celebrating their founding too. (I know it’s the alpha chapter for 5/9). 

8. Fine ass humans. I mean real fine. I mean magazine fine. I prayed to the Lord at least 138 times because God was showing out when making these beautiful humans.

9. The shared of experience of Cash Money taking over for the 99 and the 2000s… Nuff saif. 

10. It’s a beautiful thing to know who you are and that you are exactly where you should be. It’s not perfect at all, but HU is the place for me. And here’s my sing of the day: No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder. This came on during the tailgate and I LOST it. Had to drop it once… or twice. (Word to Jill and Aramide)

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