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10 things I think... When I say Yes to the DRESS!

Listen, my feelings get hurt for the brides to be on Say Yes to the Dress. Folks are pretty careless in their critiques. So, in advance you're uninvited if...

1. If you secretly wish it was you trying on the dresses. Listen sis, I love a gown too but when it's your day I'll be in your corner. All things for you. But for this one day... please do not go and find a dress to try on. One one episode, a mother of the bride went and found herself a gown to try on and thus was unavailable when her daughter came out in the dress of her dreams. Don't try me. Try Jesus.

2. If you always "envisioned me in something different"... Thanks sis, but um me and these thighs have been together for a while now. I think we've learned how to find things that fit well.

3. If you body shame. I wish you would say anything cruel to me on that day when I'm likely already critiquing myself unnecessarily. Seldom do folks need any extra help with body shaming we seem to be our own worst critics.

4. Carol (umi), I know you probably have some ideas. In advance... um... *tries to figure out how to tell my momma I don't want her suggestions without getting cut*.

5. You go and find me a dress out of my price range. Girl, unless you plan on pulling out the black card don't go looking for that Pnina Tornai gown.

6. You secretly asked him what type of dress he'd like to see. If you care that much you can go watch him try on his tux. His opinion is great but not needed on my dress choice. If he cares that deeply I will take him to try some own.

7. If I get indecisive or frustrated, do not get an attitude. You will not only be dismissed but possibly have to find a ride back home.

8. Dear future husband, if your momma or sister or cousin-nem are haters, do me a favor and let me know. I don't need that energy. I would hate to have to pull Mrs. Brenda to the side and talk about dress etiquette.

9. If you don't cry when I get "jacked up"... you better feel all the feels too.

10. So I guess by now you know I'm watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon. This is what being a student looks like. I tried on gowns for a gala today and got overwhelmed, I can only imagine what brides feel.

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