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The one that got away... in whole foods.

A couple weeks ago I wrote on facebook about my dating troubles. I said something to the effect of we'll just have to meet at the store and accidentally grab the same avocado while maintaining eye contact. Y'all... I met him. There were no avocados harmed in the making of this romance.

Well, I'm checking out at whole foods and there's a cute guy behind. He's brown skinned, about 5'9, has big eyes and all his teeth. He looks at me like I'm the lost back to his earring after he's been scouring the ground for it. I strangely feel drawn to this look.

I study his cart. Beef uncured polish sausage, chips, alkaline water. Something tells me he enjoys these sausages with a little char. I feel like he might add the chips to the sandwich too. Like he's a real one. Perhaps he too has seen a paper food stamp in his life.I wonder if he used to get two bags of chip, a little debbie and a quarter juice to maximize it...

I pay for my goods and right before the cashier hands me my receipt, he looks me in my eyes like he knows, that I know that he knows, he loves me. I walk towards the door, feeling a gravitational pull to go back, but I don't. I figure if I walk slow enough he'll have to say something then.

SO I linger. I pretend that my cart is filled with more than the bourgeois cheese and albacore tuna that my momma made me grab for hurricane safe meal time.

I talk myself out of lingering, because if he wanted to shoot his shot he would've right? I walk out the store. Then, I'm like Ash, just say something. My feet won't turn in the right direction. They've betrayed me. So, I did something that I hate to do. I grab business card. Perhaps this will look like a less abrasive approach. The rain literally starts and wets the card as I'm writing on it. I can't give this grown man a wet card.

A nice caucasian family is watching me as my body goes to the left and my pride goes right. I hear Ash go for it. I also hear, nah you can't trust a man that buys uncured meats. BUT... listen I buy uncured meats. At this point my pride is dragging me like Cardi was planning to do Nicki. I pick up what little dignity I have left by the collar and walk to my car in the rain.

My edges are fuzzy and my future is back on aisle 3.

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