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What the CDC won't tell you about the Coronavirus...


2. Drink ginger ale.

3. Lysol your house.

4. Lysol your colleagues.

5. Shut up in meetings that could've been an email.

6. Don't take communion with that shared chalice. Ask for the grape juice cup.

7. Don't hold anybody's partner's hand that's not your own. Cheating and coveting can get you coronavirus faster.

8. Brush your tongue. It holds the power of life and death.

9. Wash your legs in the shower

10. Cover your GD mouth when you cough and sneeze.

11. Stop wearing those masks without any knowledge on how this is spread. You hotboxing your face with your germs isn't saving us.

12. Shut up and sit still.

13. Most important... STOP BEING RACIST. If you wanna live CV free, stop being RACIST.

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