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10 Things I think: Questions for God

*hold the lightning please*

People say don’t question God, but when I get to heaven I got something we need to chat about. All my life I’ve been told not to question God. I can’t even remember who was the first person to tell me that. I remember as a child not buying it. “Nah, I’m goin’ ask anyway.” I began by praying these timid introductions. “God if I were to ask….” or “God, I *insert every church jargon hommage term then question*. I was trying to butter God up, and while I like to believe that God likes butter I know God doesn’t need it. So now I ask God questions? I do. I think God appreciates our inquiry. So below is a list a of a few existential questions for God.

  1. Why do white people still think Jesus is White in 20 and 17?

  2. Ok so Eve bit the apple, I get it. I know she chose sin…but she wasn’t thinking about my uterus when she did it. I might say ok to labor pains, but why the whole period got to be trash? CHA-RASH

  3. I know the bible says it rains on the just and unjust but why do bad things happen to good people? Why do children have to suffer at the hands of broken adults?

  4. Why did Aunt Kat have to die? I would rather spend 1,000 lifetimes of dramatic conversations and detours to the grocery store than to have to wonder if she’s bossing people around in heaven. God I miss her… (inserts random grief in Starbucks)

  5. Black folks have suffered globally at the hands of people who behaved horrifically (sometimes in your name). Don’t you ever just wanna tear into some tail after that? I know you to be benevolent and gracious, but this world uses your name to promote utter foolishness at times.

  6. Will you erase these student loans? Please. I feel like Mohela will look for you in Heaven. They get mad at me now. Just wait till I tell them from heaven that Jesus paid it all.

  7. Why’d you let Jaheim do that to his hair? Bobby V? Jock?

  8. Do you and Frederick Douglass ever discuss Jermaine Shoemake (Umar Johnson)? If so, can y’all do something about him please?

  9. Us humans… have we gotten this thing wrong? Like do you actually care so deeply about the things we tell others not to do in your name?

  10. In all seriousness, I think God is much more out of the box than these rigid structures we put them in. Yes them. We have painted all these pictures and rigidities about the character of God without asking. 

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