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10 Things I Think... Tiny House Edition

So, I had a really racist day. Not sure how to say it any other way. I got voluntold for a training at work and I'm just gonna say that anti-Blackness is global. Anywho, because my day was $#&^-tastic, I'm watching Tiny House World on Amazon Prime. Why? Because apparently I need to be surrounded by more wypipo. Anywho, let's explore 10 things I think about tiny houses.

1. Much like all the house hunting shows, the budgets of these folks is always astronomical. Like how is that you're a honey bee mortician and your partner recycles old Carmex containers and your budget is $400,000 with an unspoken additional $50,000 in case you really like it.

2. They get worried when the place has too many amenities. "The dishwasher is too much. We were looking for more of a rustic feel. Ya know... washing dishes with rainwater using juniper berries and sun drying."

3. The compromises floor me. I've come from a people that survived tiny spaces with no amenities that survived and managed to create home within themselves. HOWEVER. At this point in my life, there are some sacrifices that are off the table. Like an outdoor toilet. Yes, I get that the world doesn't all have indoor plumbing and I still don't see myself being able to relax on the commode with crickets and whatnots.

4. Imagine being on the toilet, living your best life. Scrolling IG, listening to the trees whistling in the background, a distance bird is calling a mate, the grass is blowing like a perfect combover when you notice a kangaroo pulling up on you set tripping. Do you keep going or like is that a good place to run? Do you have to take your tissue with you? What if you get caught up and forget?

5. It's always someone with 4 kids, 3 dogs, who wants unique architecture, off the grid but within travel distance and with access to a community garden because food justice (duh). The list of wants always floor me because what about going tiny speaks to 6 humans and 3 dogs in 275 sq feet?

6. Do kids get to opt-out? Like, do they have some rights? Is there a Facebook group for children who don't want to share 1.8 feet of space?

7. I think my issue is the privilege here. Like you gotta be rich to actually live small. This couple sold an apartment in the center of Sydney, Australia for 400K to move into a water barrel with horse stables. They laid out the narrative of how hard they had worked and they wanted to live for the rest of their lives debt-free. Insert solar panels, compostable toilet waste and native raw honey and you have every story. Oh, and you can't forget a Subaru. That's sign number one.

8. This couple has been living in a bus (by choice) for three years to reduce their carbon footprint. It's not the fancy livable buses that we've seen. It looks like the bus the freedom riders were on after the fire. (Rest in peace John Lewis) He has locs and yes... yes he is. He got upset because his partner didn't want to live in 161sq. ft. option or continue to live in his bus.

9. My sister Shana is obsessed with tiny homes. Honestly, I can see her living well in these spaces for many reasons. First, she's little. Her feet swing in toddler seats. Secondly, she's tidy. Third, she can maximize ANY space. Anyway, I hope she gets her space and I hope she burns sage and fries chicken in it so the ancestors feel welcome. And I hope she's prepared to host Thanksgiving dinner.

10. On a serious note, I think it's time for my confession... I live in a tiny home lowkey. My little treehouse apartment has taught me so much about maximizing space, living minimally and create home. DC is home to tiny houses that we call basement apartments. If you get a fancy landlord it's called "garden level". I still ain't seen no garden. And... it's been home. It's nurtured me and provided just enough space for my tennis shoes (although some people might disagree). Anywho, its taught me to live big while inhabiting little.

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