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A letter to myself.

There are some experiences that will have you thinking that you've lost your mind. That you're not seeing the world as it is. Things that will make you question yourself. Words that will have you pinching yourself because surely you couldn't be alive. People will throw blows and tell you that they've helped you. They will cut you and say because you didn't bleed out that it didn't hurt. They. will. tell. you. it. didn't. hurt. They will convince you that your optimism for change is really a rebellious spirit. They will call you difficult. They will tell you, you're asking for too much. They will tell you it's impossible. They will make you question every fiber of you're being. They will make you think that your existence is a mistake. That your calling to be a change maker is problematic. They will make you question you when you've known you all along. The way you see the word through a lens of optimism. The way you see the world through a lens of equity. The way you sacrifice your voice so others can feel and speak. You were made with purpose that everyone isn't called to understand. Purpose for change seldom makes you popular, but it makes you called.

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