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"The One that Got Away"

I can remember many conversations in which a previous partner said these words. "Ash, you're the one that got away." Or, "There was something different about you that I just couldn't forget." If I collected a royalty from each conversation, I might be well off. But, let's be honest. It's an unfair conversation. And. It. DOESN'T. feel. good. From now on, the next person that says this is getting round-housed, Chuck Norris style. Why? Because there is no victory in being the one that got away. NONE. It is a reminder that you didn't see me and then and potential for you to do the same the second time around. Like do I ask you what your plan is this time around to make space in your life for me?

If it took for me to move on with my life or move to DC or get another partner for you to know what you had, stay away. Seriously, when you come and drop this emotional bomb in my lap, you're essentially saying for whatever reason I didn't get it back then. It doesn't relieve any past efforts that I undertook to make you see me. It also doesn't acknowledge the pain of being invisible to someone you wanted to see you so badly.

Is it too much to ask to be seen the first time around? I don't want to spend the rest of my life being the trophy that you get to put on the shelf of your life when I was able to value you just as you were. I saw every crack in your foundation and still saw potential for a skyscraper.

Anywho, don't ever say that to me. If you let me get away, let's keep it that way. You don't get to decide when to see me.

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